Thank you for your interest in the Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition. This page contains all the information you’ll need to become a member. We invite you to join us in our mission to educate and empower Oklahomans with the information and resources necessary to make informed financial decisions.

Step 1:

Choose from one of three membership tiers.

  • Affiliate Member ($10/year, non-voting)
  • Full Member ($25/year, voting)
  • Organizational Member ($100/year, includes up to 5 members sharing 1 vote)

Step 2:

Complete the membership form and send it in with your check payable to the Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition:

Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition
P.O. Box 2836
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

Step 3:

Join us at our next membership meeting as we come together to share information and work as a team to raise awareness of the importance of personal financial management.