Oklahoma Jump$tart Partner Meetings


August Partner Meeting
Protecting Yourself from Financial Fraud
Elaine Dodd, Oklahoma Bankers Association
August 23 | UCO Boathouse

October Partner Meeting
Taking the Fear out of Grantwriting
Diana Hartley, Professor of Practice at the University of Oklahoma
October 25 | Credit Union House of Oklahoma



Previous topics:

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  • From Financial Literacy to Financial Capability: The latest from Filene Research Institute on the Financial Capability of Women, Pre-Retirees, Highly Educated Hispanics and Gen Y (Aug. 2016)
  • Bankruptcy: Standard 13 of Oklahoma’s Passport to Financial Literacy (June 2016)
  • Raising the Grade on Financial Education in Oklahoma (April 2016)
  • How Oklahoma’s Financial Education Mandate Affects the Credit Behaviors of Young Adults (Feb. 2016)