The Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition hosted two advocacy days at the Capitol this legislative session. Attendees were able to meet legislators who support the Coalition and thank them for their dedication to financial education in Oklahoma.

In the first visit, Senator Gary Stanislawski, education committee chair, welcomed the group to the Senate floor.

“It was a fun and interesting day,” said Tina Pollard, government relations chair. “As usual, there were many other advocacy groups at the Capitol which provides a great energy for us to get the word out about the issues that matter.”

Attendees received a Jump$tart bag with information and material to pass along to legislators as well as training on how to talk to legislators and best communicate the issues that are important to the Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition.

“It is important for everyone to know how and when to speak to their legislators,” Tina shared. “Advocacy days are important because it allows time to begin relationship building with your legislators in a group setting.”

Tina added that is important to know that legislators like to meet with people, as long as they know the right time and how to get to the point of the issues they care about.

If you want learn how to advocate for financial literacy in our state, please attend our advocacy day at the Capitol in 2018.  Contact Tina Pollard for more information.